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I’m sick of seeing big chain discounters destroy their next door wine retail stores, supermarkets undermine premium wine brands, and the bored and uninterested cheap liquor store sales assistant showing as much interest in Bordeaux as he does in Budweiser.

It’s time to once again have the local wine retailer at the centre of wine industry – not pushed to the periphery

It’s time to take advantage of being the knowledgeable local wine store. It’s time to use store location, social media & local relationships
and the move to new mobile technologies to provide a real local online advantage.

It’s time to help each other. To band together with other wine retailers who are facing similar problems. To share ideas
and experience on how to survive and flourish in this new world of ‘clicks and mortar’.

I bring wine retailers together to exchange wine internet marketing expertise so you can reclaim your rightful spot in the middle of your local wine market.

I do that in 3 ways, through:
1. Free Blog posts and Forums
2. The Book, How to Sell Wine Online
3. Wine Retailer Mastermind Groups

The Blog & Forums

Join the MyLocalWineStore Forums to:
- get answers
 to your wine internet marketing questions
- discuss wine internet marketing topics
- meet other wine retailers

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The Book ***NEW RELEASE***

Book How to Sell Wine Online
“HOW TO SELL WINE ONLINE: How a Small Wine Retailer Can Turn a Main Street Wine Store into a Flourishing ‘Clicks & Mortar’ Success” provides essential marketing knowledge for you to successfully turn your small wine retail store into a flourishing business made of ‘clicks and mortar’.

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Mastermind Groups

Complex Problems? Difficult Decisions? Need New Ideas? Want to Get Things Done?

Mastermind groups use the collective experience of a group of wine retailers to resolve problems, share ideas and challenge each other.

Mastermind groups are up to 4-8 carefully vetted, non competing wine retailers. Each group has it’s own online private social network and meets formally online every week. Read more about Wine Retail Mastermind groups here …